ioRistrutturo is a network of seven exhibition spaces in the Marche region, one-stop shops where the collections of the best interior designers coexist with the furniture and accessories of leading brands, structured in an emotional and evocative way, full of ideas and suggestions to decorate any room with taste and personality.

At the center of the ioRistrutturo network is the showroom which in 2012 underwent a radical renovation and was completely redesigned to be transformed into a unique showroom in Europe for the wide range of products and the quality of the products on display.

The ioRistrutturo showroom in Civitanova Marche is the first example in Europe of a showroom set up like an exhibition, which groups products according to themes that reproduce different domestic environments.
The showroom enhances the functional, aesthetic and emotional characteristics of the exhibited products and offers engineers and interior designers a constant flow of creative ideas and design advice.

Distributed over an area of 6,000 square meters, it offers the most complete overview of furnishings and architectural materials, with particular attention to products made in Italy.

KITCHENS AND HOME FURNISHINGS: bedroom furniture, tables and chairs, sofas and armchairs, wardrobes and cupboards, bookcases and TV furniture, upholstery fabrics, lighting, table furniture and household appliances.

Choose the ioristrutturo kitchen ready for your home. No matter if you have a small or large kitchen, our kitchen cabinets are available in different sizes to choose from.

BATHROOM FURNITURE AND WELLNESS: bathroom furniture, bathroom fixtures, bathtubs and showers, accessories, swimming pools, saunas, steam baths, faucets, all fully functional.

The furniture for an adequate bathroom, with all the necessary accessories, is the dream of any person who moves into a new home. If you’re redecorating your old bathroom or just take the key to the new house and renovating it, we’ll help you choose the bathroom that’s right for you.

FLOOR COVERINGS AND WALLS OF ALL KINDS: Laminating laminate flooring: a simple perspective change opens up new possibilities for interior design.
Precious surfaces, with an attractive appearance and structure, give the rooms a new and special emphasis. Reaching an interesting and valuable design in a variety of spaces is very simple and flows vertically from bottom to top. Ceramics, wood, marble, natural stone and glass, as well as wallpaper, varnishes and decorative glazes.

DOORS AND WINDOWS: Aluminum structures are characterized by their durability and duration; stability and possibility of carrying out great works. We use profiles and accessories from leading suppliers in Europe.
The elegant shapes of the profiles, the range of colors and the accessories of the windows and doors are distinguished by design from one building to another.

Customizable both in terms of size and appearance. There is also an extensive display of interior doors and solid wood entrance, 100% handmade and designed by Italian artisans.