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A highly qualified team dedicated to applied research in the field of chemistry and technology of concrete and masonry concrete

Nostri esperti al Vostro fianco.

We offer you a personalized service of design consultancy to guide you in choosing the ideal solutions for the realization of your projects.


How to reduce your energy bill in style. The shape of the latest generation radiators lowers consumption and gets new finishes.





ioRistrutturo, which has always been at the side of the designers, provides a personalized service of design consultancy, which also makes use of the collaboration of experienced professionals in the sizing of structural reinforcements.

At our customers' disposal we have developed a series of support tools for the choice of materials and technical solutions, the definition of specifications and the calculation of the reinforcement to be carried out.


ioRistrutturo is at your disposal to help you find the best solution for your needs. Call us and we will put you in touch with our experts on the subject.



Until the beginning of construction, we make a well-defined plan to avoid any unforeseen problems during the development of the work

We select the architect with you based on how you want the work to be similar.

Our best specialists will help you choose the most optimal materials for your project.

The completion of the project will take place within the promised times, without delay and with the highest quality


IoRistrutturo is one of the most important Italian distribution companies in the construction, architecture and design sectors. A beautiful region of central Italy overlooking the Adriatic Sea, rich in history and culture, among the most vibrant from an economic and industrial point of view.<br /> In ioRistrutturo we can offer our customers products based on specific customer needs, in particular in the furniture and interior design sectors, in addition to the products of the catalogs of our partner companies, at competitive prices and with short delivery times.

oRistrutturo is a partner of leading brands in the construction industry and the leading furniture manufacturers. We have collaborated with them for many years internationally, spreading the culture of Italian style. The range of products covers the entire construction process: from foundations to interior finishes; from the most complex waterproofing systems to the most innovative materials for thermal and acoustic insulation; from bathroom furniture to installations and accessories; and from home furnishings to kitchens to furniture accessories. Our offer is constantly updated as we continue to search for solutions to provide buildings that respect the environment, save energy and respect the well-being of individuals, as well as products that keep pace with the latest aesthetic and design trends.



Each delivery is accompanied by a wide range of services. A team of 200 professionals, including architects, interior designers and engineers, is available to guide the customer and provide assistance at every stage of the purchasing process

Provide support during material selection, Collaborate in the design of spaces, Provide installation plans and 3D projects created using the most advanced design software, an extremely useful tool to evaluate each variant and obtain a highly realistic simulation of the final result. The technical office also supports the customer during the installation, which can be carried out anywhere in the world by teams of specialized Italian installers. The technicians are also able to train local installers, ensuring the perfect installation of the selected products, either through on-site training courses or training provided at the training center in Italy.

ioRistruturo ha quattro aree di specializzazione:

Furniture Division, composed of seven showrooms where the collections of the best interior designers coexist in evocative environments, full of stimuli and ideas to furnish any environment with style and personality.

This division is dedicated to building materials, systems and technologies for the construction and architecture sectors. He is involved in the design and construction of wooden houses, structures and roofs and a center for forming and processing iron for reinforced concrete.

his workshop spreads the culture of residential comfort in a new way: it is a place where every customer - private or industrial - can literally touch and understand the latest technologies related to construction, restoration and restoration. This laboratory is a leader in color design, with a tinting system capable of producing interior and exterior paints in 71 million color variations.

Our experts at your side.