The creation of the swimming pool

Thanks to its specialized staff and collaborations with the most exclusive contractors in the area, iRistrutturo designs and builds swimming pools of all kinds, from traditional private pools for prestigious homes and hotels, up to Olympic swimming pools that meet the standards of the Italian Swimming Federation to host national competitions.
Our consultants assist clients both in Italy and abroad, advising them both on structural, design and aesthetic aspects, offering solutions and technologies in line with the latest innovations in the sector, such as water heating systems, systems that automatically control the Chlorine and pH levels and the best pumping, filtration and disinfection systems, in order to maximize the safety and comfort of the user. ioRistrutturo can also provide customized winter pool covers, cleaning robots, luminaires and all high-quality accessories.

Inside the ioRistrutturo showroom in Civitanova Marche, we have created a small indoor pool, complete with a water purification and lighting system.
In the floor and wall covering department, customers can browse our complete display of material samples, from interior finishes, including bright glass or ceramic mosaics that add a dazzle to the pool, as well as a full range of ceramic decking, wood and natural stones, designed to offer anti-slip performance certified for this type of application. All strictly Made in Italy!

Customers will also be spoiled for choice in the Outdoor & Garden department: the display presents the best samples of the catalogs of the most prestigious Italian and foreign brands in the outdoor furniture sector, from gazebos to furniture, from upholstered living rooms to lighting.

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